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Are you facing a challenge with your eCommerce portal in driving quality traffic, leads, conversion rates or sales?
In Australia there was a 39.8% increase in eCommerce B2C turnover, with more people getting the hang and advantage of e-shopping eCommerce is surely surging the profit margin.

So why is your eCommerce portal not fulfilling your business goals?

Internet users across the world use certain keywords to find their products online, and those keywords direct them to the best matching products and e-stores.

Aligning the keywords and using customer’s language is what your business need and for that, you need e-commerce SEO agency Melbourne.

Ecommerce SEO audit

Improvising your eCommerce website SEO is essential for generating traffic and lead conversion, we put your site under audit to identify the potential hurdles that impede your traffic.
At DP, our eCommerce SEO specialists deliver your business goals by:

  • Customized eCommerce SEO plan
  • Project management schedule (online)
  • Keywords research
  • Keyword optimization
  • Product image optimization
  • Product markup
  • Product SEO copywriting
  • Google analytic setup
  • Content promotion
  • Professional copywriting

Prep up your business with our eCommerce SEO service

We ensure you attract the right customers by optimizing your web marketing strategy, our eCommerce SEO experts infuses the new content with the right keywords.

Search engine results are highly dependent on the type of content and keywords the internet users use. So, if we put the shoppers’ search language in your content then your site will stand a chance in this competition.

  • Keyword identification: Our eCommerce SEO service includes keyword research; we do this to identify the keywords and key phrases that need to be merged with the existing or new content.
  • Keyword implementation: eCommerce SEO team optimizes every page on the website, this includes the homepage, page titles, meta description, product description, image alt-text etc.
  • Product page optimization: eCommerce SEO experts ensures that product page optimization is rightly done with long-tail keywords denoting customer language.
  • Navigation optimization: We ensure the right categorization of products and services and place links for easy navigation to keep the traffic engaged throughout the website.
  • Content creation: Our SEO content writer tweaks the existing content and creates an SEO friendly content for the website and other platforms for search engine ranks.

Partnering with DP SEO eCommerce team

DP is the one-stop digital solution for eCommerce portals, we are a full-service online marketing company in Melbourne.

In the past decade, we won our client’s trust and reputation for achieving and exceeding business goals. Here is why you should consider partnering with us:

  • Comprehensive eCommerce SEO service that improvises the website revenue using organic channels.
  • Our clients were able to expand their business reach with our social media marketing and eCommerce SEO service.
  • We don’t want to brag but we won multiple awards for our eCommerce clients in our SEO industry.
  • 11000 keywords got our client on Google rank #1

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