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Let’s not spam the customer’s mailbox

Effective email marketing reflects on the number of emails read by your prospective customers and just not sending and spamming their mailbox.

When we open our mailbox, we tend to ignore at least 70% marketing emails, those may be beneficial but somehow the idea of reading a marketing email makes us select and delete in bulk.

Not all email marketing companies effectuate the purpose, we at DP has mastered the art of reaching out to potential traffic with proven email marketing tactics to engage and convert a user into a customer.

Address it right

You can’t expect to engage your audience just by sending an email. An email marketing needs certain permutation and combination that engages their attention.

A personalized email marketing is more effective than sending bulk mail and for that, we are here to help you send your message across the screens.

Generic email marketing is treated as spam and hardly delivers the right message to the right person, not all email content is relevant.

At DP, our email marketing service offers personalized email marketing addressing your audience interests, we do thorough market research as well as audience research before we start drafting your email campaign.

Attention catchers

Since our email marketing team work with varied industry and people, we understand people’s language and things that can grab attention.

There are loads of spams which we don’t open, but while combing the relevant emails and spam we do read the subject line and often close a mail within a second, we take a look without even reading the content.

DP’s email marketing team ensures quality email content including images and text to grab the audience attention.
Only if you can grab the attention of your audience, you know the message is sent and wait for a revert if they need your product or service

Email campaign service

We create an engaging email marketing campaign that intrigues the reader!

To ensure the best results we run:

  • A/B test: To improvise the subjects that drives the decisions
  • Time optimization: With our proven tactics expect up to 15% open rate
  • Report: Get a detailed report on your email interactions (opened and read)
  • Landing page: Opportunity to grow the contact list and setup marketing initiatives
  • Contacts: Conditional logics to create a potential contact base

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