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Diversity is growth

The more the merrier, let’s not just limit the business reach to just google users – amplify your audience reach with Bing advertising.

Bing got 2.61% search engine market share with monthly 12 billion users worldwide.

1.5 billion window devices are powered by Bing search which makes Bing an important platform to showcase your business.

There is not much difference in Google advertising and Bing advertising, it just the space to increase your brand awareness with other search engines users as well.

Driving the volume of traffic with Bing advertising

Bing PPC can trigger volumes of traffic on your site, with Bing advertising services you can display your ads to the potential audience who are searching for your products/services.

Introducing Bing marketing in your marketing strategy can be profitable as this is the perfect platform to attract and convert new audiences.

  • Statistic revealed 33% search queries are initiated through Bing in the USA
  • Bing advertising bids and competition are low-cost in comparison to google ads
  • Users on Bing – in connection to Yahoo and Microsoft sites are odds on spending 21.5 % more.
  • B2B campaigns on Bing often drive better traffic and achieve better ROI in comparison to Google ads.

With Bing advertisement now you can target your audience by:

  • Their location
  • Device
  • Demographics
  • Time

Narrowing the path to target audience enables the business to generate quality leads and conversion converting to sales.

DP Bing advertising services

We customize your Bing advertisement to fit your business needs because when it comes to Bing advertising cost, driving ROI is our only focus.

At DP you get an entire team of Bing advertising experts who carefully crafts your ads to entice your audience.

  • Plan & setup: We not only set up your ad account but also provide a strategic plan incorporating research, demographic analysis, data, keyword and create the ad account.
  • Campaign development: DP is a one-stop digital solution our Bing advertising service includes image designing and copywriting to amplify CTR and conversion.
  • Optimize: From setting goals to inserting the tracking codes, we optimize all technical and non-technical elements in your Bing ads
  • Audit: We ran audits to check the performance and share data that can be optimized to align with the best practices covering the maximum.

DP is the bridge between you and the business goal

Time to maximize business opportunities, we are a reputed Bing PPC agency offering you cost-effective Bing advertising services.

By partnering with us, you can:

  • Generate profitable traffic
  • Increase sales conversion
  • Drive revenue
  • Save Bing advertising cost
  • Easy access to the advertising team

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