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Turn up first, turn often

With product listing ads or google shopping ads, be it fist one to show up when your customers are searching your products on search engines.

Google shopping ads are a popular method for the effective retail advertisement for eCommerce marketing strategies and drive better result than google text ads or PPC for large scale enterprise as well as SMB’s.

Scale-up ROI with Google shopping ads services

Outperforming competitors and building brands are easy with google shopping ads.

Optimizing Google shopping ads can help you scale up the ROI as this is known to be the most effective in conversion rate.

Google product listing ads drive more CTR. The ROI is linked with balancing the product feeds, bidding, AdWord campaign structure.

Google shopping ad services

DP advanced approach to Google shopping ads effectuates efficiency and profits in our clients’ account.
All our clients are entitled to transparency and accountability as per their expectations.

Our pillars of Google shopping ads management are:

  • Data improvised: To drive the best data quality we monitor and maintain all our client’s product feed.
  • Campaign structures: Our advanced campaign structure diverts the spend where it is needed.
  • Surging profit: The agile bidding plan of action accounts for the floating overhead, costs of the products etc.

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