Google Penalty Assessment

Something is just not right!

Is your search engine rank sinking?

Not getting traffic?

When your marketing efforts do not reflect the desired results, it is obvious that something is not right. Google penalty is a common hit for websites, and you should start right there to fix your problem.

Google penalty

Google has its own game rules when it comes to penalty, there are two kinds of penalties when your site is not marked according to latest updates:

  • Manual penalty: The website is manually reviewed by a person when logical reasoning is needed to support the algorithm
  • Algorithmic Penalty: Automated reviewing of the website where the bot identifies the cut-out and penalize.

Google penalty signals

  • A fall in organic ranking
  • Unable to view the site with “’
  • A drop in traffic
  • Notification on Google Webmaster tool

Google penalty assessment

The online marketing has witnessed roaring mayhem in recent years which keeps the digital marketers on toes with the changing updates of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, possum etc. algorithm.

500 times or more in a year google keeps updating its algorithm, adhering to all updates is unattainable but skipping the major updates can get you penalized.

Our experts analyze and review the website to discover the areas where the website cut out
Google’s best practices also whether the website is complying to the latest algorithm updates. Apart from this, our experts mark the followings:

  • Checking your website to see if any pending penalties
  • Type of penalty Google imposed
  • Planning and implementation for google penalty recovery service
  • Strategy to avoid a penalty in future

Reboot and replay

Is your website not getting the apt results?

If yes, get in touch with us for a google penalty assessment!

You can’t just ruin all your marketing efforts over a penalty hit, at DP we have a team of seasoned Google experts conducting penalty assessments with the right set of tools.

Our Google penalty recovery services are data-centric that decodes the penalty hit and help you remove the imposed penalties and safeguard your website for the future.

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