International SEO

Take the leap, go international!

With globalization at the backdrop expanding your business online is simple and easy. Here, international SEO can leverage your reach to your potential customers.

If you want to go international, then you should optimize your SEO strategy to counter the international market. The online visibility for the international market is a little complicated as we need to understand the language and the local languages used within the country. With geo-targeting and our practised international SEO tactics, we can bridge the gap between you and your consumer.

At DP we organize and optimize the content and language for search engines to recognize the country we’re targeting.

To target international consumers, we combine polylingual aesthetics along with international SEO strategies to widen the reach.

Grow internationally

If you’re ready to run your business internationally, then think beyond Australia. Not all speak English, and language is the key to unlock to reach potential consumers base and increase the traffic on your website. We fine-tune your website considering the multi-location access to increase the local traffic in the particular region.

Benefits you can’t ignore

  • Improvises your business visibility in the global market
  • Brand awareness
  • Opportunity to turn more leads into sales
  • Wider market reach
  • Insights on international buying trends
  • Bypassing your competitors

Hre flang tags

The only way to communicate with an online consumer is the content you display on your website, which not only guides them in the selection of your product/services but also helps them decide on what would suit their needs.

We use Hreflang tags to unlock your business in the international market, making the content readable to all your international consumers.

The Hreflang tags attributes help google to interpret language settings on specific pages so that the search engine can display the results to your international consumer searching for product/services in their local language.

Hreflangs are also known as rel = ‘alternate’ hreflangs = ‘x’

When we implement hreflang tags in your content marketing strategy, we ensure that the content addresses your consumers in their preferred language and help them navigate your website easily.

Bypassing the linguistic barrier

Hola! Ciao! Ni Hao! Privet!

Well that’s how Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian says ‘Hello’, only 30% internet savvy users speak English

Content is the king, if your consumers don’t understand your content, they cannot trust your business. Any business transaction is built on trust and language is the key.

International SEO is a new concept not many of your competitors are aware if you wish to take the leap you can start today.

At DP we fine-tune your content for the international market so that the traffic flow is steady and meet your business goal.

Expanding your business to the international market is not the challenge, selling your product/service is; for that your online visibility depends on the country’s native language.

If you want to get started, do get in touch!

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