Facebook Advertising

Grow your business with Facebook advertising

With 1.79 billion monthly users on Facebook, it is hard to ignore the business growth prospects that Facebook can offer. On average a user spends forty minutes a day on Facebook, this is an opportunity to accomplish the business goal and maximize the reach.

Facebook ads empower the businesses to exclusively target definite consumer market, all within the planned marketing budget.

Facebook ads are usually referred as paid marketing with an array of ad formats carousels, videos, image, lead generation, subscribe, post engagement etc. where you will be charged for the impressions, auctions or clicks.

Transform your business with Facebook advertising

Facebook is the most cost-effective marketing platform; DP’s Facebook advertising services help businesses transform their online marketing initiatives by:

  • Enhancing audience engagement on boosted and organic posts.
  • Driving referral traffic to your site from Facebook
  • Establish brand loyalty
  • Data collection
  • Driving conversion

Engage interest – generate traffic

Facebook ads are an opportunity to grow your audience base, effectuate brand visibility, generate traffic and increase ROI

  • Brand awareness: Reaching people who never heard of your brand.
  • Reach: Maximizing your audience reach with demographics.
  • Traffic: Increase the traffic flow on the website, Facebook page and app.
  • Engagement: Increase post engagements.
  • App installation: Market your app and increase app installation.
  • Video views: Engage the audience with intriguing video content.
  • Lead generation: Collect lead data from lead capture forms.
  • Message: Initiate a personalized conversation on messenger
  • Conversion: Funneling audience with more possibility of conversion.
  • Catalogue sales: Set ads that display the product from the catalogue to a specific audience.

Facebook ad marketing

Our Facebook advertising experts finely craft your ad campaign based on data and analytics. We aim to catch the audience attention hence we pay special heed to ad display.

Once the ad copy is created, we share the ad on relevant geographic based on your business interests. Our Facebook advertising team carefully monitors the result and tweak it for better audience engagement. At DP our Facebook ad marketing is thoroughly based on data and analysis which make most of our Facebook ad campaigns a major success.

  • Competitor analysis: We carry out a market analysis of your product/service within the industry. With gathered data, the team identifies the competitors and their marketing approach which includes the weight of the traffic as well as engagements. Thereby we create your ad copy with compelling images and content that can outperform.
  • Organic social campaigns: Our ad copy is focused on engaging the audience here the Facebook ad campaign team research the content that drives high audience engagement. Our marketing strategy involves scheduling and posting regularly to create an impact. We monitor the interaction and engagement through the Facebook ad campaign dashboard.
  • Data-driven: We ensure we customize the target audience base to drive relevant engagement by creating high-performing ad copy. To improvise results the team split test ad copy based on the reports generated for enhancing the engagement factor.
  • Track: Our Facebook advertising team is always on toes keeping a track on all the activities taking place. From tracking the audience reach to engagement rate to CTR to lead generation we do it all, besides we also monitor the ROI.

Facebook paid and organic social campaign

Creating a Facebook ad is easy but driving engagement needs expertise- here is where the DP team performs.

  • We control and tweak the parameter for every campaign
  • From the customer base, the team monitors the interactions and engagement
  • From the campaign, we track the engagement, lead generation and sales
  • We build an audience base across the platform

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