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Maximize conversion with LinkedIn advertising agency

On average, a buyer views at least 10-15 samples before initiating a purchase. All you need to do is place your business in the front line.

At DP our LinkedIn marketing experts ensure the product is in the frontline hence we streamline your LinkedIn ads spend and improvise on conversion unless it reaches the goal.

The audience on Facebook, Instagram, twitter generally scrolls to browse, but on LinkedIn people invest time. This is exactly the point where you meet 80% of the B2B leads.

These leads maximize the conversion rate as they capture the interests of the buyer.

Bridging the gaps with LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to consider especially if you are looking at B2B sales, with LinkedIn advertising agency you can showcase your business to the key decision-makers.

Including LinkedIn to your digital marketing strategy is a smart move because of the audience base as well as a low cost per click.

Generating B2B leads and sales is easier with LinkedIn advertising because nine out of ten LinkedIn members drives decision making in their business, apart from that the audience on this platform has two times more buying power than other audience on another platform.

Get more B2B leads with DP’s LinkedIn advertising

If you are vexed with the diminutive results from traditional marketing channels, then think LinkedIn.
Direct mailer, bulk message, flyers response rate and ROI is sinking lower every passing year, at the same time audio-visuals, images, videos are much more competitive in capturing audience attention on social media channels.
Every social media channel is focused on particular points, like Facebook is more into socializing and a typical B2C channel, Instagram is all about quality pictures here with LinkedIn it is more about the professional front and a direct B2B channel.

Build a LinkedIn ad campaign that suits your business

Every business is unique and so should be their ad, choose a LinkedIn advertising campaign that compliments your business:

  • Text ads: These ads are displayed on top of the LinkedIn page or in the right column.
  • Single image ad: These ads will be displayed on the news feed, also known as sponsored ads.
  • Carousel image ad: Option to add multiple images in one frame, shows up on news feed.
  • Video ad: Video ads on news feed work better because of audience engagement factor.
  • Follower ad: Personalized ads using account data and promotes the company’s page throughout the desktop.
  • Spotlight ad: Promotion ads to be displayed throughout the desktop and can be personalized using profile data.
  • Job ad: Promotes the open position in the company and allows you to collect applicant data.
  • Message ad: Ads delivered to your target audience’s LinkedIn inbox.

Generating results with DP’s LinkedIn advertising experts

Our LinkedIn marketing experts carefully prepare your ad copy with the research data and analytics to drive the business goals.

With our expertise and LinkedIn ads campaign set-up, you can target your audience by title, company, industry, age, geographic area.

We keep optimizing your LinkedIn advertising campaign to reach the potential audience and not to the 500 million professionals to whom your ad is irrelevant.

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